Aerial-Fit Kids
Childrens classes

Based in Cheshire.

Suitable for ages 5-15 years.

Pole Fitness

Classes held in Longton, Staffordshire and Crewe, Cheshire. Longton classes | Crewe classes

Aerial Arts

Silk, Aerial hoop and Cube. All classes held at Pole-Fit Longton. Longton classes | Crewe classes

Hula Hoop Aerobics

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Stretch classes

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Aerial-Fit Kids!

Suitable for ages 5-15 years.

ONLY Private tuition, Parties or Workshops currently available. Group classes coming soon

Aerial Fit classes are a fantastic way to improve a child's confidence, strength, flexibility, stamina, posture and grace.
The classes are perfect for complete beginners wanting to try something new; to budding young dancers, gymnasts and performers already out there in the dance world, looking to add to their CV. ​ Our classes focus on fun, fitness and performance, we have many opportunities for the children to compete, perform, take gradings or just have fun throughout the year!

Taster classes

Completely new to aerial arts or coming to us from another aerial studio? Book a taster to try out the class here first.. Book a Taster session

Drop-in classes

Cannot attend weekly sessions? Purchase individual classes as a non member for £8.50 per class.Book a drop-in session

Monthly membership

After you’ve tried a taster session and decided which class you’d want to attend, the monthly membership is the next step. Prices starting from £32.50 per month. Find out more

Aerial Arts classes breakdown

  • Safety at Pole-Fit is paramount. Safety mats are used at all times in Aerial classes.
  • Beginner sessions cover mounts, dismounts, poses, transitions and lots of aerial conditioning.
  • Wear clothing which covers arms, stomach and legs, to prevent burns.
  • Hair must be tied up and jewellery taken of before the session.
  • As you progress through the levels at your instructors discretion, your body will become more conditioned to aerial.

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Aerial-Fit/Pole-Fit Kids Parties

Aerial-Fit/Pole-Fit Kids parties are perfect for children aged 5-15 years old. The main emphasis of Aerial-Fit/Pole-Fit Parties is to have fun within a private group. The party will start with a warm up to get your body ready for the main session, which is fun and includes a quick party game. You will be then shown a variety of moves/poses/dance steps to put together for a small routine performed by everyone. The parties can be themed, from princesses to super hero’s… anything goes just let us know.

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