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Pole-Fit Longton Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Crewe Studio Classse are hel at Pole and Aerial Fit Crewe, at Studio 22 on Oak Street
What should I wear to Pole Fit classes? I would suggest shorts/gym top, however some attendees wear trousers. Generally whatever you feel comfortable in. Footwear ranges from high heels to trainer or barefoot. Personally I wear dance trainers in beginner sessions, with heels for performance or more advanced classes. When students feel more comfortable moving around a pole... heels can worn for parts of the sessions.
How old do should you be to attend Pole/Aerial Fit? Age 16 years or over.
We teach younger with parental consent and a responsible must also attend each class.
How many participants are in a Pole/Aerial Fit class? In the group classes there can be up to 14 participants. 1 2 1' can have up to 4 friends in/small groups normally up to 6 friends. Pole parties can have up to 24 people.
Can men attend Pole/Aerial Fit Yes, men can attend 121s, group courses, and all other courses/open classes.
What is the difference between 121/small group sessions and classes Class have more people attending, so its a great way to make friends. 121/Small group session work best if you cannot make it every week/are a little shy/have a group of friends who are looking to try pole.. Again the session work similar to the group courses, progressing you through the level here at pole fit.
How do I book onto Course/121 session? Any class/course or member session BOOK ONLINE With 121/small group sessions, call Faye to see availability.
How do I book a Pole/Aerial/Hula/Dance/Chair dance Party? Call or email Faye with preferred dates to ensure the availability. A deposit is required to secure the booking. see Terms and Conditions Should I moisturize ? No. Do not wear any moisturizers or oils on the hands or body on the day of your pole or aerial class. You will not stick to the apparatus and it’s dangerous for those using the equipment after yourself.
Is the class for future pole dancers? Some attendees have gone into the pole dancing industry after attending the classes and have found it to be an invaluable experience for them. Many students go on to perform non striptease pole and competitions. Generally most attendees just do it for fun or fitness.
What kind of workout does Pole/Aerial Fit provide? Being a fitness and exercise to music instructor I can confidently say both disciplines provides cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training in the classes. I do however stress the importance of continued exercise throughout the week such as walking, running or aerobic classes. They are also a lot of fun.
Who should not attend Pole/Aerial Fit classes? This type of exercise or dance is not advised for pregnant women/people with back problems/people who have had recent surgery. If you have not exercised in a long time I would seek your GP's advice before.
Will I ache? Get bruising?? The first time you attend the class the next day you will feel discomfort in areas where you would not think possible, as you would when you participate in a new form of exercise. This achy feeling gets much better as you progress. However bruising does occur on legs especially. To combat this problem floor work (landing on your knees) is kept to a minimum. If you feel any discomfort during the class I will advise accordingly.
What levels of Pole Dancing can be taught at Pole Fit? Beginners- basic spins, poses, transitions and routines (6 week course) Beginner Improver- to improve strength, by working on beginner moves (6 weeks course) Beginners Advanced- further progression of the basic moves and introduction into inverting moves and poses. (6 week course) Beginner Advanced Improver- to improve strength, by working on beginner and beginner advanced moves (6 weeks course) Intermediate- further progression and dynamic and static inverted moves. (6 week course) Intermediate Improverto improve strength and revisiting intermediate moves Advanced (levels 1,2,3,4,5)- advanced up the pole moves and transitions Instructor level- Pole Fit instructor training 1 2 1- personal level applies (call for times available)

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