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Hula-hoop at Pole-Fit Longton

A great way to tone up keep fit and have fun, hoops are provided. Small class sizes, booking essential. Debbie is the Hula Hoop instructor, with a passion for pole fitness and hula hoop. She has attended the pole fit courses and has undertaken in house pole teacher training. Debbie currently teaches all levels pole fit courses, 1 2 1 private tuition, and all hula hoop classes.

Hula-Hoop class breakdown

  • At the hula hoop session we have different size hoops for you to try out.
  • The session is an hour long, and challenges you core, cardio fitness and many peoples co-ordination.
  • Basics are taught first, like how to keep the hoop up. Then progression such as moving the hoop around the body are introduced.

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