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Pole Fitness

Classes held in Longton, Staffordshire and Crewe, Cheshire. Longton classes | Crewe classes

Aerial Arts

Silk, Aerial hoop, Aerial net, trapeze and Cube. Longton classes | Crewe classes

Hula Hoop Aerobics

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Stretch classes

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Pole-Fit Longton

Situated on Sutherland Road in Longton, Stoke on Trent. The studio is one of the largest Pole dance studios in the UK, and has been running since 2005. Classes in Pole and Aerial fit are available for children aged 5 years plus and adults 16 years plus.

The space boasts a large main pole class area and a large aerial area. The pole areas have 14 static poles, with grip sizes 36-52mm, stainless steel and chrome to suit all the customers’ different needs. We have 4 stage poles in which we use to perform on outside of the studio, silks, aerial hoops and aerial cubes. Each area has safety matting provided. There is a small gym area provided in the practice area for members.

The Longton Studio is open every day and has thirteen experienced instructors which take the classes. Each instructor has undertaken Pole Fit Teacher Training and has current public liability insurance. See below for instructor information.

Taster classes

Completely new to pole dance or coming from a different pole school? Book a taster to try out the class at Pole Fit firstBook a Taster session

Drop-in classes

Cannot attend weekly sessions? Purchase individual classes as a non member for £8.50 (children) and £12.50 (adults) per class.Book a drop-in session

Monthly membership

After you’ve tried a taster session and decided which class you’d want to attend, the monthly membership is the next step. Prices starting from £32.50 (children) and £40 (adults) per month. Find out more

Practice classes

Practice sessions are for those who want to practice what they’ve been taught in class, the sessions are free to members.

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Pole-Fit Parties

Pole-Fit parties are perfect for hen parties, birthdays, girly nights, get together, Christmas parties and even divorce parties!!!. The main emphasis of Pole-Fit Parties is to have fun within a private group. Parties are offered as either pole, chair or hula-hoop or mixed.
The party will start with a warm up to get your body ready for the main session, which is fun and includes a quick party game. Then depending on which party you’ve chosen, you will be shown a variety of moves/poses/dance steps to put together for a small routine performed by everyone. The parties can be themed, from 80s to super hero’s… anything goes just let us know. You are welcome to bring cameras/phones to take pictures or videos or at Pole Fit we can use an in house photographer which can be booked to take pictures, making the party more memorable, just ask for a quote.

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